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Table 4 Thermal and optical properties of materials defined in the CFD model

From: Bioclimatic rehabilitation of an open market place by a computational fluid dynamics simulation assessment

  Reflection Coefficient Emission Coefficient
Conventional flooring and views materials
Street Asphalt 0.10a 0,85-0,93 (0,89)b
Light-colored covering roofing/roofs (sheathing with pavement flagstones) 0.35a 0.90c
Light-colored coating 0.60a  
Medium-colored coating (beige, gray) 0.40a  
Gray color   0.87c
Dark colored coating 0.20a  
Conventional structural material   0.80a
Cool materials coverings/coatingsd
Asphalt Ecorivestimento grigio photocatalitic concrete based mortar (speciment 1)- Fotofluid 0.37 0.89
Sidewalk blocks (Block CE light gray (Νο 5) or CE beige (Νο 6)) 0.67 0.89
Pavement flagstones (white flagstone (No 12) ) 0.68 0.92
  1. a(Greek Technical Chartered Institution 20701–1 2010),
  2. b(Incropera De Witt, 1990),
  3. c(Santamouris, 2006),
  4. d(ABOLIN)