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Table 3 PM emission reduction if India adopts US on-road emission level

From: Climatic benefits of black carbon emission reduction when India adopts the US on-road emission level

Vehicle category Present Indian on-road emission levels Present U.S on-road emission levels Reduction in PM emission in switching from Indian emission levels to the US on-road emission levels
PM emission (kilotons/year) (Total-all age category) PM emission in kilotons/year) (Total-all age category)
Diesel truck 323.9 128.9 352.3
Diesel bus 93.6 12.8 Gigagram
Diesel PC 48.1 3.5
Petrol passenger car 13.9 1.0
Motor Bike-2S petrol 8.6 6.5
Motor Bike-4S petrol 18.8 1.7