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Table 1 Impacts of global urbanisation and mitigation strategies

From: Future cities and environmental sustainability

Impacts Mitigation Strategies
High traffic density Efficient public transport
Compact city design
High amount of waste Recycling
Urban warming Increasing green space,
Using reflective materials
Increasing Air pollution CO2 capture,
Filtering exhaust gases,
Increasing efficiency of industrial processes/vehicles
Increasing energy consumption/sinking resources Using renewable sources,
Achieving low energy buildings,
Increasing efficiency of devices/processes
Lack of biodiversity/natural habitat Increasing green space,
Developing animal/plant protection areas
Sinking water resources Water purification
Rainwater harvesting
Rising food demand/poverty Vertical farming
Artificial food production
Greening the deserts
Land shortage for housing Constructing multifunctional buildings,
Creative architectural designs
Weak Social cohesion Improving sociocultural environment
Increasing the number of organisations-events that bring people together